ACAMS secures contract with Swedavia


ACAMS AS has been awarded a contract to deliver its Technical Control & Monitoring System (TCMS) to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, with an option to also deliver the system to seven additional Swedavia airports in Sweden.

This achievement reinforces ACAMS' position as a key provider of advanced monitoring and control solutions within the aviation sector and highlights ACAMS' commitment to excellence.

“ACAMS TCMS will serve as the linchpin of a state-of-the-art systems infrastructure, underpinning the operational integrity of Swedavia airports. ACAMS TCMS will assume a pivotal role in ensuring the impeccable safety and efficiency of these airports' critical systems,”  said Lars Nilsson, senior project manager, Swedavia AB.

The implementation of ACAMS TCMS solution offers a multitude of advantages, including reduced cost, real-time insight, early detection, minimized downtime, and elevated efficiency. ACAMS TCMS will play a pivotal role in helping the airports meet and exceed their safety and operational objectives.

ACAMS' chief executive officer, Leiv Kreyberg said, "This contract win underscores the strategic significance of ACAMS in the aviation industry. Our cloud based TCMS system represents a paradigm shift in airport infrastructure management, also capable of managing a network of nationwide airport assets. We look forward to continuing our excellent relations with Swedavia in Sweden."