New ANSP Air Nav Ireland launched

Irish Government launches a new Air Navigation Service Provider
Minister of State Jack Chambers launches AirNav Ireland, the new Air Navigation Service Provider (Image: Air Nav Ireland)
Minister of State Jack Chambers launches AirNav Ireland, the new Air Navigation Service Provider (Image: Air Nav Ireland)

The Irish Government has officially launched AirNav Ireland, the new air traffic management service provider for Irish airspace.

The new Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) has been separated out as a stand-alone entity from the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority). It is a commercial semi-state company employing 630 people at six locations around Ireland that will receive no State funding.

Its revenues are generated through charges and fees raised from its airline customers in respect of its operational activities. 

AirNav Ireland now provides air traffic control services at the State airports of Dublin, Cork and Shannon and air space covering 455,0000 square kilometres. 

Its air traffic controllers at the North Atlantic Enroute Centre in Shannon safely handle over 90% of all aircraft that operate between North America and Europe. 

The AirNav Ireland North Atlantic Communications Centre in Ballygirreen, Co. Clare provides a long-range High Frequency Radio (HF) communications service for Oceanic Air Traffic Control in the eastern half of the north Atlantic.

Speaking at the launch of Air Nav Ireland on October 20, 2023, Ireland’s Minister of State for Aviation, Jack Chambers. aid, “I am delighted to be here today to officially launch AirNav Ireland, Ireland’s stand-alone air navigation service provider.

“Given the central role air traffic management plays in supporting the global air transport market, AirNav Ireland represents a strategically important State commercial body. I have every confidence that AirNav Ireland will continue the strong tradition of innovation in Irish aviation and will be to the forefront of innovation in European air traffic management in the years ahead while keeping safety as its core focus.  I wish the company every success as Ireland’s new stand-alone air navigation service provider”.

The CEO of AirNav Ireland is former air traffic controller and pilot Peter Kearney. He said he believes the challenge for this new company is to take aviation safety to the next level in an efficient and sustainable way to meet future demands. 

“We are committed to investing in training and developing new air traffic control officers and we currently have 28 students in various stages of training with a further 24 starting in February. We plan to train a further 240 suitable candidates for careers in air traffic control over the next ten years, while employment opportunities in engineering will be available in 2024,” Kearney said

AirNav Ireland manages the safe passage of over 1 million flights in Irish airspace, including those en-route to international destinations as well as those landing and taking off from Irish airports. 

Its team offers innovative solutions, a clear airline customer focus and commitment to the safety values. It will focus on safety, efficiency, and service through continued investment in our people and technology. It also works with other European Air Navigation services to research and develop new technology to build on the high-quality aviation safety currently provided. 

Bryan Bourke, chairperson of AirNav Ireland said that Ireland’s new stand-alone air traffic service provider represents a strategic investment in expertise and high-quality infrastructure to enhance economic growth and prosperity for Ireland.