Frequentis buys Norwegian software company GuardREC ATC

Software will consolidate into single video and screen recording software 

Frequentis has purchased the Norwegian software company GuardREC ATC, which develops recorder solutions for the air traffic control market.

Following the acquisition Frequentis’ recording solution DIVOS and GuardREC air traffic control (ATC) will merge to become one product.

Norbert Haslacher, CEO of Frequentis said, “Our market studies revealed great potential in the recorder market, and by bringing together the expertise of our existing Frequentis DIVOS product and GuardREC ATC, we send a strong strategic signal to the market that we extend our feature capabilities to meet customer needs.

“Based on the long-standing international expertise of the Frequentis DIVOS team, we will be able to integrate the GuardREC solution not only for our air traffic management (ATM) customers, but also for the public transport, maritime, and defence markets.”

The new Frequentis recorder solution will provide all standard audio recording interfaces and a complete set of video and screen recording capabilities expected by modern aviation customers. In addition to audio and video recording, it will also provide full surveillance and data recording, including special features like vector-based measurements during replay and scenario mode, which are essential elements for incident investigations.

The integrated solution implements manual and automatic speech-to-text features based on its own engine and necessary human-machine interface (HMI). It also supports the direct insertion of such semi-automatically generated text into incident investigation reports. The software architecture allows for easy integration of new data science and big data applications in the future, said Frequentis.