ATM Beyond 2021: Operations & innovation

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Air Traffic Technology International is proud to introduce the third in its series of Virtual Roundtables: ATM Beyond 2021: Operations & innovation.

The pandemic has caused many ANSPs to reassess their priorities and technological goals at the beginning of this new decade. Organisations and individuals have had to change the way they work and adapt to the new normal, while waiting for aviation to bounce-back.

Despite the recent drop in air traffic, the pace of change is expected to accelerate in several areas of new technology during the next ten years. To those ready and willing to modernize and adapt, there is the prospect of an unprecedented increase in activity from new types of aircraft that could further impact ANSPs.

Instead of waiting for the recovery, a strategic approach to innovation is required to benefit from new technologies and embrace new opportunities in the air travel sector.

This roundtable will discuss the technologies and the wider trends that could impact ATM during the next ten years and how leading ANSPs can approach the provision of safe and secure ATM operations during this time.

Our panel of industry leaders and experts will provide insight and analysis for this technology-focused roundtable, discussing ATC’s evolving role during the next decade and how you can take advantage of the changes that may be coming.

Starting with the impact of Covid-19 and the anticipated increases in aviation activity in the short term, the discussion will then focus on potential areas of change for ATM operations such as: the integration of unmanned traffic into airspace systems, urban air mobility, increased digitalization, the use of remote towers and a rise in commercial space activities.

Our panel of experts will be questioned on how ANSP’s can ensure a consistent focus on safe and efficient operations while they support the growth of the aviation industry. Attendees will gain an increased awareness of the issues and technologies shaping the role of the sector within the aviation industry and an understanding of how they could impact their companies and roles.


Tuesday April 27, 2021, starting at 3:00 PM BST

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